So wherever you come on the keyboard side of things – whether it’s gaming, portability or video editing – there are keyboards for you in all shapes and sizes – and now for those of us who want a bit of nostalgia for times gone by there is the QwerkyWriter – if you are looking for a keyboard that is eye catching, a statement piece for your desk, and you don’t mind the eye watering price then this is for you.

Design, Build and Usability…

The Qwerkywriter arrives in a box that screams luxury, you know from the moment you open it up and see the all black mesh surrounding the keyboard that something awesome is inside, and the Qwerkywriter does not disappoint.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Qwerkywriter when you lift it out of the box is that it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful, it wouldn’t look out of place in an antique store window, and that’s really the aim, in the office I found people sitting at my desk trying it out every time I walked away for 5 minutes, it’s almost enchanting to those who don’t have one, it has a level of grandeur that no keyboard should really attain. The Qwerkywriter takes the typewriter concept and reinvigorates it for the modern world – in some cases this is just through completely unnecessary design flourishes, yet it works for me mostly because it would be sacrilege not to have these features on a typewriter. The tablet/phone display holder is positioned on the back of what would have been the paper-feeding drum on many typewriters of yesteryear and capped with nonfunctional knobs ( Ideally it would have been nice if these knobs could have affected the angle on tablet display). The drum also has another purpose aside from a design flourish as it houses three tiny lights to indicate Caps Lock, Bluetooth connection, and battery status on the right edge, and the micro USB port for charging sits next to the pairing button on the back, behind the tablet holder. A separate power switch sits under the keyboard’s right knob. Qwerkywriter have made the audacious claim that the keyboard can last up to three months on a single charge, but after 3 weeks of use it hasn’t skipped a click or clack yet.

In term’s of the build there are a lot of high’s and unfortunately some lows. On the high’s, it has a sturdy feel to it, not heavy, just solid, weighing in at 2.8 pounds and made from solid aluminium, it shouldn’t be surprising – what’s wonderful about it though is that it’s covered in a matte black powder paint, which adds to the quality. With the key’s themselves, they are all mechanical, and while the Kailh key switches don’t have quite as deep a throw as the Cherry MX key switches that are found in many other mechanical keyboards, they’re still clacky enough that you can feel that old school charm and reliability. The key caps are circular, typewriter-style buttons, with the characters shown as white paint on black, however these are only metal-look and in fact plastic. It’s large size means the Qwerkywriter can offer a full-size keyboard layout with Function keys sans a number pad, and can fit house nearly all manner of tablet’s in what would be the paper drum. As for the downsides – for all it’s promo shot’s I have to be honest it was quite annoying using an iPad with it, my home button was blocked, it sat at an awkward angle, and some keys seemed poorly mapped, so that was a real negative – but when it came to using it as a bluetooth keyboard for my desktop those issues became null – I guess it was the promo’s that had really amped me up for it with my iPad, I pictured myself as a 2016 Hemmingway – hopefully though in it’s next iteration this issue can be resolved.

Final Thoughts…

If you can get past the price, and it is tough to swallow, although the quality does make this easier, and you are after a modernised dose of nostalgia, the Qwerkywriter is both an exceptionally unique keyboard, that will appeal to a very niche group and/or those looking for a statement piece for the office, and a sturdy well built machine that will handle all your word processing needs.  We have decided that for all it’s short-comings, we just love it, I find myself every day that I walk in to the office, that dare I say it, I feel happy to type on it, I get that flutter as if I am driving a classic roadster only it’s a typewriter – maybe it’s me, but it’s 4 Stars from us.