Aer Gym Duffel

Aer Gym Duffel

Anyone who regularly heads straight from the office to the gym is well aware of the hassles that can come from having to cart around two different bags, one for each, work and play or worse still, having to stuff sweaty sports gear and wet towels down on top of your laptop/tablet and office work. Well with the Aer Gym Duffel this issue has been solved, the Aer Gym Duffel is designed to carry all your gym gear and offers smart functionality with a refined look. It features a ventilated mesh compartment that maximises breathability so you can air out your used gear.

While most gym duffels/utility bags offer one main compartment or a murky black abyss for your laptop, keys, wallet, office EDC, and gym gear. The Aer Gym Duffle is the iPhone to a Nokia 3310 – it’s the smart gym bag designed to make your life easier.

The Aer Gym Duffel was built to solve a range of gym bag etiquette issues and annoyances. It offers a ventilated mesh compartment to help air out your sweaty clothes, a ventilated compartment for your sneakers, quick-access pockets for your EDC, interior pockets to keep everything organised, and a completely separate compartment for your clean clothes (Whaaat? How has no one done this before). Built out of ballistic nylon, the Aer Gym Duffel can handle even the roughest of users. [Purchase]