Sony h.ear on Wireless Headphones MDR-100ABN
Awesome BatteryFantastic Sound - just shy of being excellentUnique Design and Colour Scheme
Disappointing sound when wiredThe colours aren't for everyone
4.7Best wireless headphones of 2016

Sony h.ear on Wireless Headphones MDR-100ABN

The high end of the Sony headphone range for the last number of years has been fantastic with both over-ear and on-ear as well as wired and wireless all really impressing. That’s why we were stoked when we received the new Sony h.ear on Wireless Headphones – MDR-100ABN’s, hat tip to the awesome guys at Hope and Glory for getting them out to us before Christmas!

So the headphones…

Straight off the bat the first thing that catches you is the colour, boy oh boy are they bright – but it really works as the design is clean, minimal and refined. The MDR-100ABN’s are available in four luminescent colours – Cinnabar Red, Bordeaux Pink, Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue – and in a rather more sedate charcoal black. The use of bright colours mixed with a single shape design and one overall colour creates an immediate eye catching – or eye watering depending on your preference.

From the moment you put the H.ear on… on (hmmm) you get the immediate feeling of comfort of the padding on top of the adjustable headband and the soft ear cups, you can really feel the quality. However you really will notice the weight compared to some competitors at 290g these certainly aren’t light headphones, but they aren’t heavy on the head, I guess we would describe them as premium solid. As for the design as mentioned earlier – the colours are loud but the headphones themselves are pretty minimal, with the headphone design only being broken up by an etched Sony logo on either side of the band, an NFC logo on the right side and the word ‘wireless’ sprawled across on the band’s curve.

H.ear on till the break of dawn…

It’s pretty much a given that every pair of Sony headphones sound good at each price range – but these are really impressive especially with an Xperia device. The h.ear ons have a fairly neutral sound profile that was comfortable to listen to, without any over powering bass which some noise cancelling headphones we have tested can have. With two 40mm drivers present they are able to rock out a frequency of up to 40KHz, which is why these headphones carry the Hi-Res Audio stamp. While some similar-sized headphones have 45mm drivers in them, the detail in the tracks especially breaking it up with some Bowie classics ( it’s nearly that time of year ) was outstanding and also surprising for the price range.

Connectivity and Controls

As with most recent editions of wireless headphones and with the recent batches of Sony’s Bluetooth device range, set up was a sinch, it took mere moments to connect a smartphone to the headphones with NFC.  The connection strength was excellent throughout, without dropouts, lag or interference, which is often caused by the modern man having multiple bluetooth devices on at the one time. As for controls everything was pretty straight forward as what you have come to expect from Sony – the volume and track controls are on the right ear with the option to turn the noise canceling on or off or if the battery dies a slot to plug in the cord if you need to do this, only do it as a last resort as the sound is disappointing in comparison to it’s powered capabilities.

Battery Life…

I honestly don’t know how else to put this but the battery life is insane! Sony claims the battery will last about 20 hours of constant playback while connected via Bluetooth with ANC turned on. That is a pretty ballsy claim to put on your website, but by god they weren’t lying, if anything they have undersold the battery life, these headphones lasted me a full 24 hours and still had some battery to spare.


The Sony h.ear on Wireless Headphones – MDR-100ABN, look amazing (if you are partial to the bright colours) they are comfortable and have great sound with an arse kicking amount of battery. They are our choice of headphones for that audiophile in your life and at only £220 they are a steal! [Purchase]